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Hengstler is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial counting, control, measurement and sensor instrumentation products. They are part of Danaher Controls Inc, a US company which consists of many brands also in the instrumentation business.

Other brands include Dynapar, Veeder-Root, Northstar, Harowe, Eagle Signal, ENM and West.

Hengstler values itself on quality of product and customer satisfaction, and yet remains competitve on pricing and delivery, and offers a worldwide network of agents offering the best knowledge and expertise available.

Hengstler counter products consist of mechanical, electro-mechanical & electronic types which include :

Hengstler Totaliser Counters

Hengstler Preset Counters

Hengstler Batch Counters

Hengstler Tachometers

Hengstler Position Indicators

Hengstler Hour Counters

Hengstler counter model types include TICO, SIGNO, COLIBRI

Hengstler Encoder products offer a huge range to the customer. Hengstler encoders are built to the highest standards, with opto-asic and magnetic technologies. Hengstler encoders represent quality and use modern design techniques. The following types are available :

Hengstler Incremental Encoders shaft & hollow-shaft

Hengstler Absolute Encoders shaft & hollow-shaft

Hengstler Motor Feedback Encoders shaft & hollow-shaft

Hengstler Heavy / Harsh Duty Encoders shaft & hollow-shaft, EX types, Stainless-Steel types

Hengstler encoder types include ACURO, ATEX, RI, AC

Hengstler Process Indicators / Controllers can measure DC Process, Temperature

Hengstler Printers & Cutter products are available for Machinery, Kiosks, ATM m/c's

Hengstler Relays are available for Safety Applications

The Hengstler encoders & counters can be used for length measurement, speed measurement, position measurement, safety & control applications, production information figures, machine run data, general counting applications, magnetic counting, ratchet counting, rotational counting, direct driven mechanical counting applications, measuring wheel applications, motor control and feedback applications, robotic movement positional counting & measurement, and very high accuracy applications.


Dynapar, Veeder-Root, Northstar, Harowe, Eagle Signal, West, ENM

Dynapar and Veeder-Root products include :

Dynapar / Veeder-Root Totaliser counters

Dynapar / Veeder-Root Preset counters

Dynapar / Veeder-Root Batch counters

Dynapar / Veeder-Root Tachometers

Dynapar / Veeder-Root Position Indicators

Dynapar / Veeder-Root Hour counters

Dynapar Encoder products

The other major branded products are :

Northstar Encoder products

Harowe Resolver products Harowe resolvers are world-class !

Eagle Signal Timer products

West Temperature Controller and Indicator products

ENM Counter products


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